A wedding begins months before the “Big Day”. It takes many hours of wishing, hoping and planning…appointments with suppliers, budgeting, visits… and sometimes the occasional tense moment. We want to be by your side so that you can enjoy the whole process, we want to make the complicated simple and provide creative ideas, knowledge and our experience.

Each couple is a world and each couple has their own story and particular wishes for their day. So please know that we will assist you up until any point that you’d like. You may only wish to obtain advice for choosing the venue and some suppliers. Perfect. Or you may be seeking advice for decoration and personalization for the wedding. Also perfect.

Obviously, for those who want to count on us for the whole process, we can help you, from start to finish, in the creation of your wedding. We accompany you, pampering you and personalizing each detail in order that your wedding reflects your personality, taste and style in aesthetic harmony.

Counting on a Wedding Planner for your wedding allows you to enjoy not just your day, but also the preparation process. It is reassuring to know that a professional will work by your side so that everything will go just as you want. Our desire is that you will look back and remember your wedding with a huge smile.