Your dream, made to order! Design, customize and delegate all that you need in order to have the exact day you imagined.

  • <!--:es-->100% hand made<!--:--><!--:ca-->100% hand made<!--:--><!--:en-->100% hand made<!--:-->

    100% hand made

  • <!--:es-->Un entorno muy especial<!--:--><!--:ca-->Un entorn molt especial<!--:--><!--:en-->A very special environment<!--:-->

    A very special environment

  • <!--:es-->Personalizamos y mimamos cada detalle<!--:--><!--:ca-->Personalitzem i mimem cada detall<!--:--><!--:en-->We customize and pamper every detail<!--:-->

    We customize and pamper every detail

  • <!--:es-->Pequeños rincones muy cuidados<!--:--><!--:ca-->Petits racons molt cuidats<!--:--><!--:en-->small corners lovingly care<!--:-->

    small corners lovingly care

  • <!--:es-->Pasaporte a un mundo mágico<!--:--><!--:ca-->Passaport a un món màgic<!--:--><!--:en-->Passport to a magical world<!--:-->

    Passport to a magical world

  • <!--:es-->Bodas de ensueño<!--:--><!--:ca-->Casaments de somni<!--:--><!--:en-->Dream Weddings<!--:-->

    Dream Weddings



A wedding starts months before the "Day-B". It involves many hours of dedication, dreams, ideas and dreams...

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In Good Feelings we propose original ideas and help you materialize to make your celebration unforgettable.

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